Studio Nixa prijevodi d.o.o.

The today's company Studio Nixa prijevodi d.o.o. has developed from an independent business of primarily written translation and a craft with a share in profit from mediation of 15 per cent, to a company (2011) with a share in profit from mediation of over 30 per cent. The translation office under that name has existed and operated since the beginning of 2008.

The methodology and the method of management of the company have been developed in accordance with the system translation norm. Part of the development is also the effort to constantly follow the latest technologies. In 2011, a complete systematization and computerization was implemented in the way that we introduced a comprehensive IT system for managing clients and billing, all with the aim of achieving our vision of accelerating the procedures, improving the availability of resources and effectively linking all the stakeholders involved in the translation process.

Furthermore, all of our systems have been moved to the so-called "cloud". The project was launched in 2011 in terms of the realization of our vision of accelerating the procedures and improving the availability of resources in order to effectively link all the stakeholders involved in the translation process. The software equipment in which we invested a tremendous amount of effort and the "know-how" allows us to keep our prices competitive, and the quality of results, transparency and accounting services in accordance with the highest European standards. The expansion of business has resulted in broader needs for further computerization and improvement of business processes, which is why we launched a new project of improvement and integration of our business processes. It is currently at 30 per cent of its realization, which proves the seriousness of our business intentions and the actual focus on providing quality to our clients.

Quality of service

The quality of our services is reflected through:

Speed – we always respond to inquiries in the shortest time possible and all our employees are aware of that, because that is the basis of business for Studio Nixa. Thanks to the translation tools no translation word can be lost and we continuously ensure the update of translation memories. Thanks to the memories, it is possible to accelerate the pace of work and have a safe support in the form of previous translations which provide essential concepts and terms, and the work of translators accelerates exponentially.

Accurate and professional written translations – every translation is a product of systematic work processes that pass through human labor, translation tools managed by a professional translator and the final phase in which we check the quality and give approval. The biggest advantage and the enviable ability of translators to handle thousands of different concepts can sometimes be an obstacle in working with texts that are characterized by a vast number of pages. For this reason we own quality translation tools that make the job of transfusing texts from one language to another easier, less painful and more accurate, and help the translator preserve precious time. We also continuously provide the tools for formatting various documents in order to tackle the translation of each ordered text (various tables, drawings, diagrams, charts and similar documents which vary from PDF and XPS to Excel, or PowerPoint, etc.).

Orderliness – This feature reveals its invaluable significance because the translator must always use their multitasking abilities, and yet remain sufficiently focused on their work so they do not get lost in the wilderness of their own words, sentences, phrases and entries. Since organization and a properly performed job are a prerequisite for success in any business, computer-aided translation brings professionalism and structure to the work of each translator.

Confidentiality - a translator is primarily a person of trust so we conclude a confidentiallity agreement with each translator to protect the clients with confidential documents and multimillion-dollar contracts. We also take part in secret meetings of management boards of various companies and the meetings and trainings of secret government agencies and police units. We provide our clients the maximum discretion and our employees are constantly aware of the importance of confidentiality.

Cost-effectiveness – we keep investing in the development and improvement of business based on the professional relationship with clients, partners and translators while complying with the regulations and business standards.

Education - We believe in education as a lifelong process, because the translator must be "a jack of all trades", so we are following all the news and trends in the market and in society, and we are writing a newsletter and publishing articles related to our history. Personal development of each employee is an important prerequisite for business development. Therefore, we are continually fostering the development of 'soft' skills of employees and recognizing and respecting personal growth and development of individuals.

Innovation – the key to success in today's demanding market is to always offer "a little bit more, a little bit different and a bit newer". Therefore we are constantly looking for new ways to be innovative and creative and to offer the latest services mirrored in the final product through new technologies and innovative ICT solutions.

Care for the environment - Compliance with environmental principles through recycling, saving energy and resources.


Studio Nixa prijevodi wants to become the market leader in Croatia and the region which will be the standard and measure of quality and professionalism in the business segment, provide services of written and oral translations and lease innovative conference equipment. We wan to be:

The first choice FOR CLIENTS

A good employer TO SUPPLIERS

A reliable partner pouzdan partner i društveno odgovorna tvrtka


Our mission is to continuously offer each client the best quality service and the best value for their money through superior service and pleasant cooperation and carefully selected technology and human resources with a focus on speed, quality, professionalism, efficiency, innovation, understanding of the needs of clients and confidentiality.


'Always promise a bit less than you think you can give, and give a little bit more than you promised.'

Profiles of translators


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ZORANA LEROTIĆ - She completed English Language and Literature and Italian Language and Literature and the post graduate study MORE...

MARTA VLAIĆ - She is a professor of English and French Language and Literature and a university MORE...

ENA GUMBAS ŠPIRANEC - She completed the study of English Language and Literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb and was awarded the title of MORE...