Remote Simultaneous Interpretation System

This is a completely new approach to live and real time streaming with only a few milliseconds of delay to the end user. The INTERACTIO platform enables everyone to participate in the live streaming on their computer or tablet (while listening to the translation in real-time).

This system as such has been used by the European Parliament and other European institutions for several months due to travel restrictions in Europe.
This cloud platform enables simultaneous interpretation into more than 50 languages, and the number of attendees is measured in tens of thousands!
Switching to this system for the end user means that there are no accommodation costs, travel costs for translators or technicians, zero costs for transport and installation of equipment (cabins, counters and accompanying techniques required for simultaneous translation).


Simultana, in partnership with Studio Nixa, is taking on two key roles in the process, without which it is not possible to organize an online event on a professional level:

1. the role of audio and video manager
2. the role of moderator

These two roles are the foundation for the successful use of the platform for real-time streaming and remote translation.


It’s very simple; it is a safe environment with the best technical equipment, zero disturbances and the fastest internet!

Safe conditions for the smooth flowing of a conference are provided in the Journalists' House in Zagreb and at two other alternative locations, i.e. our hubs.

Important note

The platform is a technological solution necessary for the organization of mono-/or multilingual gatherings, and a fee is to be paid for its use.

This means, for example, that each new setting (i.e. a change of venue during the day, alternations in language combinations, number of attendees…) greatly affects the fee rate for the platform use.Therefore, it is important to establish all relevant facts and requirements in pre-planning.

Of course, the organizer can also directly contract the use of the platform, but experience has shown that the process is not at all simple, as certain technical prerequisites must first be met, which in turn requires in-depth knowledge of the simultaneous translation process.All this can lead to unnecessary risks and costs.