Studio Nixa prijevodi provides translation services for: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovenian, Albanian, Portuguese, Czech, Slovak and Hungarian.

Certified translation

Translations in the above mentioned languages can be certified by the stamp and signature of a court interpreter. Studio Nixa prijevodi - translation office, unlike an agency, has court interpreters and professional translators at its constant disposal. By means of joint effort they find the best language solutions for our clients, which in turn receive a translation that is lexically and grammatically correct, and what is even more important - consistent.


Simultaneous translation has been the key activity of Studio Nixa prijevodi for many years. As part of our activities, we provide the service of organizing simultaneous interpreters for conferences, meetings, training sessions, marketing events and the like. More information about the activities and as well as a chronology of jobs performed so far can be found on our blog and on our Facebook page. In our office in Šoštarićeva street we have hard-working in-house translators and court interpreters for the most common languages ​​(English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Serbian and Slovenian), which allows us to respond quickly and guarantees the quality of service should you require translation or consecutive interpretation services.


For a number of years, we have been also providing the service of lease, installation and operation of technical equipment for simultaneous interpretation. For the very reason that simultaneous interpretation is closely related to equipment, the decision on expanding our business activities to include the technical aspect came naturally. info@studionixa.hr. More on the Bosh radio frequency equipment for simultaneous interpretation


Education of translators for specific languages ​​(according to the market needs) to work in an interpretation booth. The motivation for the organization of such training lies primarily in the market needs. We receive frequent queries from clients for the organization of simultaneous translation, and ever more excellent, diligent translators are leavening Croatia and heading to Luxembourg and Brussels. Furthermore, we have noticed that in the last two years that there is a need for the education of translators in the languages ​​of South East Europe that are not taught in the Croatian regular education. Native speakers with whom we work often have language skills, but lack translation skills, which also points to the need for their improvement.

The goal of commercial education is to train the participants, once they have met the criteria set by the head of the course, to be able to work in an interpretation booth after the completion of the education cycle in a junior position, meaning in a partnership with an experienced interpreter.