EU projects

We are cooperating with institutions, agencies, and companies on the projects financed by the EU.

A great number of successfully implemented projects has provided us with excellent recommendations in the field of translation for the purposes of the EU projects.

And why should Studio Nixa prijevodi be your first choice when it comes to the provision of linguistic services?

- Because of the professional attitude of our translators. This is the reason we approach each project as our own and we are part of the team responsible for the implementation of the project.
- Because of the capacities to translate the vastest documents in the shortest time possible.
- Because of the recognizability of our brand among the circles of operatives, officials, representatives, procurists of the organizations which are the EU project holders.
- Because of thorough knowledge of the acquis communautaire.
- Because of the knowledge of the procedures and the requirements and the technical conditions of doing business with the subjects from the public sector.
- Because of the ability to organize multi-language events; conferences, seminars, gatherings, trainings, etc. with simultaneous interpreters and accompanying equipment (booths, microphones, acoustics, headsets).