Certified translations of technical documentation

Certified translations of technical documentation is an area in which Studio Nixa prijevodi has years of experience.

The consistency of the terminology of technical documents is often a stumbling block within a single organization or language, not to mention in the process of translating into a foreign language, or several of them.

Since a part of our business idea and development strategy is the use of the latest technology, Studio Nixa prijevodi possess a large organized database of translation memories, comprised of what we have translated so far, for the most frequent translations.

Quality management of translation memories contributes to the consistency each new translation, the shortening of translation delivery deadlines and, of course, to price reduction.

The translations delivered to the client always visually match the original.

Expert advisors that help us prepare translations in certain technical areas are authorized electrical, construction and mechanical engineers.

Contact us with trust and let Studio Nixa handle the translation of your technical documentation.

We shall translate the documents in the best, quickest and long-term most cost-effective way!