For marketing agencies

Language adaptation and cultural adaptation of marketing materials is an everyday task at Studio Nixa prijevodi. There are countless examples of translations that may be true to the language, but are not true to the brand. Each target group has its own subculture and vocabulary, and in the process of globalization, the brand that operates globally, and not locally, will win the battle for consumers.

And one of the pillars of international marketing is translation. A competitive advantage of Studio Nixa prijevodi is experience in producing copyright materials for numerous FCMG international brands, advising on the adaptation of PR materials, and formal and theoretical training of our employees needed to understand the 4 Ps (Product – Place – Promotion – Price), which greatly contributes to the clarity of the message being transmitted via translation.

At your request, we will be happy to explain in more detail our previous experience, positive as well as the negative, and the numerous high-quality translation solutions in the field of marketing management which we have produced.