Translation agency utopia

I am sure nobody has ever described in this way the ideal translation agency since all of us in the service industry are too busy preaching about unsurpassed quality, supreme professionalism, client satisfaction... So today I wish to describe what would my ideal translation agency look like in a world where everybody is happy and organized and where translation agencies hold the first 10 spots of the list of Top 100 Most Desirable Employers, published annually by the Fortune magazine.

In this world, working at Studio Nixa, and translating in general, would bring tons of joy, the translators would be fulfilled and motivated, and the office would be teeming with a healthy and stress-free atmosphere. In this ideal world, my agency would offer translation services for only one language combination, for example Croatian - Czech, and there would be absolutely no need to deal with other combinations, since the profit from this combination would be more than enough and my agency would always have enough work.

The agency would receive jobs regularly, which would, of course, already be allocated, and there would be no load or periods of lower work intensity. The translation agency Studio Nixa translating only in the Croatian - Czech language combination, would be an agency with only one client (hereinafter: the Client) who would provide all the instructions in a timely manner and in an incredibly clear and direct way. The Client would be so considerate that he would know how much easier it is for us when he sends us only one translation at a time and always in a Word format.

The Client would readily and voluntarily offer to extend the deadline for delivery because he would always be in a position to postpone launching a new product in the market just so the translators would have more time to deliver their translations related to the product. An ideal translation agency Studio Nixa would have one employee and one contractor. They would be doing all the translations. Their translations would be top notch and would rarely need revising, let along proofreading.

There would be no delays in delivery, no repeat of deliveries, no complaints. There would even be no need for quality inspection since the deadline would be so extensive, and the translators such top professionals, that this would be a clear waste of time.

Ideally, the translation agency Studio Nixa would have only one project manager (who would coincidentally also have a masters in IT and translate in 7 language combinations), who would work as a one-man band. This extraordinary project manager would of course work only with the afore mentioned one Client, to whom he would issue invoices that would always be paid in time.

On the other hand, he would issue purchase orders only to the one contractor which the agency would always pay on time and always on the basis of the same calculation and tariff. The contractor would be content and always eager to accept all new jobs and proposed prices. The agency would not be in any way restricted in its development, it wouldn't even need an accountant since, due to the new and revolutionary software, for the e-invoices, that the Client would always pay on time, VAT would automatically be calculated and they would be the basis for paying salaries and contributions which would always be paid within the legal deadline.

Yet, I wouldn't ever know anything about this, because the system would be so safe and reliable that the agency owner would never have to worry about this aspect of business, they would not even know it existed.